Operation and recall NIKON Coolpix S31 Blue Camera

Operation and recall NIKON Coolpix S31 Blue Camera
Operation and recall NIKON Coolpix S31 Blue Camera

NIKON Coolpix S31 Blue - proved itself perfectly both on land and at sea. When the long-awaited moment of happiness came and we had trips to Egypt, my husband and I thought about buying a camera.

Experienced tourists suggested that you should definitely take an underwater camera. It was hard to find him, but I wasn't going to give up. And after going through many stores, we purchased it, the Nikon coolpix s31 blue Underwater camera. I spent hours lying on the waves near a coral reef with a mask, fins and a camera. Underwater photo hunting is amazing! There was one moment when I didn't close the lid tightly after charging. The camera turned off. And I thought we'd lost him. But it dried up and worked. However, one function button is stuck.


Nikon Coolpix S33 is an excellent underwater toy for children and adults. Actually, exactly such a story happened with these Nikon Coolpix S33 cameras. At first I bought one, then I realized that it was so cool that both adults and children were fighting for it, and I bought another one so that everyone would be happy. Two or three years have passed since the purchase, they have visited a large number of sea and land vacations, so I decided to share my experience and my emotions from these cute toys, underwater cameras Nikoncoolpix s31. Like any advanced amateur photographer who considers himself a photographer, of course I travel with a DSLR and my favorite lens. But all these things weigh a ton, as a result, they tire and are almost not used on holidays with children. Funny "Coolpicks" do not try to compete with professional equipment, but they have taken their place of honor in our hearts, vacations and suitcases. Do not expect this cute toy to have the quality of a DSLR, I am not sure that they can reach modern phones. But these funny pixels have a lot of advantages that I am delighted with. What do I like about them? Water resistance : perfect, none of the two cameras flowed, although we swam a lot, took them to the Maldives and Thailand. It requires mandatory care after contact with salt water. Conclusion: Nikon Coolpix S33 is a typical all-weather shockproof toy for children over 6-7 years old and adults who are not confused about the quality of their pictures and who want to enjoy their holidays even with children and in the rain, an ideal option for relaxing from heavy mirrors.


Attention! If you want to see a professional mega-review with an analysis of each screw, then you can close the window, because I am a simple vacationer who wants to share his impressions about a new "toy".

Before leaving for Anapa, I needed a simple underwater soap dish to capture my vacation.

Having chosen a beautiful glossy camera with the possibility of underwater shooting, I went to rest satisfied.

I will try to explain all the pros and cons as best I can.

Let's start with perhaps the most interesting thing, with underwater photography:

You can switch shooting modes in the camera, so, there is a "Shooting underwater" mode, which I do not recommend using, because the photos are blurred, apparently "focus" is not provided in this mode.

If you want to get clear, beautiful photos underwater, you should look at the "Macro" mode, there is a normal "focus" and the photos will be better.

During a month of rest, in the pool and the black sea, the camera did not leak

And now let's look at the possibility of regular shooting:

The best time to shoot with this camera is around 10-11 a.m. In the evening, he's not at all. Terrible photos, even with a flash, which I don't like to use anyway.

There are several modes such as:

"Macro photography". The best mode that the camera has. That's all I use. And as I wrote earlier, "Macro Photography" has a good focus.

"Shooting food." It differs in that you can change the color palette of a photo while shooting. Apparently, to make the food more appetizing. The colors range from light blue to light orange.

The rest, in my opinion, are very "childish" modes.

I took a lot of photos for my reviews with this particular soap dish in the "Macro" mode, and if you are interested, you can go through my reviews and evaluate the quality of the shooting.

As a toy, the camera is not very bad, but photography professionals probably won't like it. I will recommend it.