Instructions on how to buy an apartment

Instructions on how to buy an apartment
Instructions on how to buy an apartment

Instructions on how to buy an apartment

I don't understand why realtors are needed at all, that is, intermediaries. Everywhere you look, there are ads "I will sell without an intermediary", "please do not disturb intermediaries", and it's worth calling — they are immediately interested in which apartment you want, in which area, how many rooms and what the budget is.

Not so long ago I looked at an apartment. An intermediary who picked up the phone somewhere "on the other end of the wire" of a mobile phone came up with some hitherto unheard-of story that his colleague was selling this apartment, but this colleague went somewhere urgently and left his phone. Therefore, the realtor, let's call him that, does not know which apartment he is selling, but on the spot it turned out that he had never seen it before — and came with us for the first time to look at it. At that time, some repairs were being done there, and, as it turned out, there was an owner who said that I didn't care who would sell and who would buy - just to sell more expensive.

Or here is the broker's question, which I have heard more than once and not from him alone - and what amount do you expect?

Like how much money you have, I'll sell you a cheap apartment for more for your money...

Although this question can be explained from another point of view, they say that this broker — realtor will choose me the ideal and most cool apartment in the amount I specified. In fact, due to the fact that he receives a percentage of the transaction, it is in his interests to sell an apartment more expensive and faster. Therefore, if according to my criteria there is too short a list of offers, he simply will not call me at all. It is much easier for him to find a client with a thicker pocket, or someone who needs an apartment here and now.

And if you ask such a broker what's what, his first excuse is: you need to understand construction, connection of communications, architecture and a million other nuances. He will talk himself out of it in general phrases, so he will not advise anything on the case.

It turns out that there is no special sense from these would-be realtors?

It is profitable for them to rent apartments to tourists for daily rent — this is their main income. It is clear that a successful real estate sale is more profitable, but this is like manna from heaven for them. Therefore, they spend most of their time working with daily rent. Although there is more running around, there is also money on hand instantly, usually within half an hour. It's not like selling real estate: here it is necessary to work with the client for a week, and sometimes a month or even more.

There is such a residential complex in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region — Gusar Ballad Odintsovo you can buy an apartment there by netting. That is, you give them your old one and pay the difference, and you can do it in installments. Why won't such a scheme be done everywhere? After all, many people do this: they sell their tiny little room on the outskirts, get into debt for many years, switch to a bread and bakery diet and all for the sake of an apartment a little bigger and closer to the subway.

There is an opinion that agencies involved in the rental and purchase/ sale of real estate have yet to check the apartment so that it does not turn out to be "with a surprise": for example, there are a lot of debts, or it turns out that a child is registered there, or the apartment is under arrest from a bank or some executive service. But, despite this, thousands of examples can be found on the Internet, when even after such supposedly meticulous checks, details that were not at all rosy for the new owner were found out.

Our intermediaries are not legally responsible, why should they worry?

I think if you want to buy an apartment, you can calmly say in front of the owner, "Yes, I like the apartment and I would buy it, but only if there was no intermediary. Because you will also have to spend money on a notary in any case... And so - sorry, I'm losing money for which you can do repairs." Believe me, if the owner wants to sell, he will do it quietly. And not to feed those parasites. The broker is of no use to the buyer, except to the seller, and that is doubtful. Therefore, the seller must pay if he does not want to do this.

Moreover, there are a million cases when a seller publishes an ad for the sale of his apartment, and realtors reprint this ad already with their phone, without asking, and, in case of a customer call, call the seller back and offer their services.

In fact, you can check the apartment directly with a notary. It also costs money, but much less than the broker's commission. It is enough to take all the documents (or rather ask the seller about it), go with them to the notary public, and only then, after checking, give a deposit.

At the expense of debts and the history of prescribed: go to the passport officer in the housing and communal services and she will tell you everything and show you for a fee.

The beauty of it is that people are looking for themselves. They seek out, call, write ads, and brokers call them back (or answer their calls). Explain what service I have to pay the broker for if I have scoured the newspaper, the Internet, found what I need, went, looked, agreed with the owner, paid the lawyer? And the broker just ran around and constantly inserted his 5 kopecks. I ask you to list the services provided by him, which in this chain made my life easier and for what he should receive 3-4 thousand dollars? And normal behavior when a person sells his own home and writes in the ad "Please do not disturb intermediaries", and they all call?