Нижнекамская набережная реки Кама - Красный Ключ

Набережная реки Кама – это популярное место отдыха горожан и гостей Нижнекамска.

Kama River embankment in Nizhnekamsk. The embankment of the Kama River is a popular vacation spot for citizens and guests of Nizhnekamsk. The embankment is a well-equipped coastline, which is fenced at a fairly large distance by a forged low parapet. In some places, at a certain distance from each other, there are stairs along which you can go straight down to the water. Romantics, couples in love or just fishing enthusiasts like to sit here. Near the embankment of the Kama River is located the urban recreation area "Holy Key", where families and children often spend time. Also, the Kama embankment is a favorite place for wedding photo shoots.