Operation and recall of the Nikon Coolpix P100 camera

Operation and recall of the Nikon Coolpix P100 camera
Operation and recall of the Nikon Coolpix P100 camera

I must say right away, this is a professional soap dish. Of course, you won't do photo hunting with her, but she has quite good data for family use, whether it's your hubby, or your children, (or your wife.

The increase is excellent for such a budget device. You can shoot both in automatic mode and adjust the camera for yourself (of course, pictures look much better after manual adjustment. The camera is not for night shooting, but at dusk with a flash it behaves well, like a UAZ in a quagmire. In general, if you do not want to bother with SLR cameras, and do not chase hares in the field, then it is quite suitable for you!


I really liked the camera. I bought it quite recently, in September, and have already taken more than 6 thousand photos. The quality is excellent. Both in settings and in the quality of photos, it is not inferior to mirrors. In Auto mode, it is not inferior to manual, even sometimes it turns out better. Of course, there is also a 26x zoom. Anything you want to bring closer, even the moon can be photographed on full screen, and flying planes. Stereo sound. I recommend starting by reading the instructions. Many settings become clearer after reading-practical shooting. At first, a beginner may become disappointed in the camera after a few photos, but after several months of use and after reading the instructions, the photos already begin to seem great. The charge is enough for 600 photos or for an hour of shooting in HD. Convenient viewfinder, saves battery power well. The rotary screen is good, but it would be better to make it turn to the right and to the left. At first, I kept forgetting to remove the lens cap and an error came out, now, before taking the camera, my hands immediately reach for the lid :) For those who complain that the video is dark - the exposure of the video can be adjusted, just try it:) I bought it in the online store Svyaznoy for almost 13, now you can find it cheaper. In general, if you want not to bother with the settings or, on the contrary, start learning, then this camera is very well suited. Take it, you won't regret it.


I have been using this camera for more than 3 years. Then I bought it for 12 thousand. It's much cheaper now.

I'm happy with the camera. As long as I use it, it has never broken down, there have been no failures and other problems. The photos are of high quality, bright and clear. The camera is not particularly heavy in weight - it weighs about 500 g. It is comfortable to hold in your hand. I won't say that it works completely silently - there are some noises. But this is absolutely not a problem for me, the camera suits me completely.

Main Features:

- 3-inch LCD monitor (tilt angle can be changed)
- Anti-glare coating
- 26x zoom
- 5x reduction of smudging
- Face recognition function (up to 12), blink tracking
- the ability to record HD quality videos with stereo sound
- Many modes and scenes (macro, portrait, twilight/dawn landscape, food, etc.)
- Built-in flash of 2 types
- Serial shooting
- Image processing system


I bought this camera from a friend, I really wanted to try to work with such a device. It is considered semi-professional and quite easy to use. The shooting was really good, but in conditions of not very good lighting, like many cameras, it could not cope. Last summer I took photos on sunny backgrounds, in the mornings - everything was cool. But this year I took it to a cafe and got worse quality than the phone, which I used not even at the window. 10mp for the camera as a whole is not bad, but if the phone has more MP, then the camera can already lose to it. His video shooting is also lagging behind in this regard - he records 20 minutes of video each. I liked that it had a lot of modes and settings, but I was not given to figure them out and shot mostly in automatic mode.