Operation and recall of the Nikon Coolpix S6150 camera

Operation and recall of the Nikon Coolpix S6150 camera
Operation and recall of the Nikon Coolpix S6150 camera

The Nikon Coolpix S6150 digital camera was bought for me by my parents back in 2012. I was about 13 years old at the time of purchase. It was my first personal camera, which I have not parted with for several years. The camera visited several cities and countries with me, and also captured those pleasant moments that I can remember a few years later.

► Place of purchase and cost

As mentioned above, the camera was bought in 2012. If my memory does not fail me, then we bought at the Eldorado store, which was relatively close to home (10-15 minutes by car). At that time, neither I nor my parents were particularly picky about technology, so we trusted a consultant who recommended the Nikon Coolpix S6150 digital model. After not very confident tests, the camera was bought for 5-8 thousand rubles. I can't say the exact price for sure already because I just don't remember, although the number 8 is spinning in my head, and the Internet throws out a price of 5-6 thousand, which coincides with my mother's assumption.

► The appearance of the model

The size of the camera is very modest. If you measure all sides, you will get 98x58x27 mm. There is not much weight in it either, 200 grams at most. It fits compactly in your hands (you can wrap your fingers around it if you show a camera gesture).

The front side is covered with a matte film, but after 5 years it began to slowly peel off. The reverse side is not covered with anything, then a slight gloss can still be observed. Even when buying, there was a film on the display, which was not glued very carefully, but it coped with its task perfectly. It spoils the aesthetic appearance a little, but in a few years I just got used to it.

There are not so many buttons on the camera: on / off and zoom with shutter on the top, on the working side only turning on photos and videos, as well as viewing the gallery. There are only 6 buttons in total.

There are 2 connectors, they are located on the right side of the display side. For all the time, I used only the smaller connector, because there was simply no wire from the larger one. Thanks to the smaller connector, I charged the camera itself, and also connected it to the computer in order to extract photos (at that time I did not have a card reader, so I worked with what I had).

Just below there is a kind of hook on which the strap is attached. The purpose is obvious - to wear it on your wrist, reducing the chances of dropping and smashing the camera to hell. There is a kind of screen stylus on the tip of the strap.

There are connectors for the battery and memory card on the bottom. They are installed quite close to each other (the battery heated the card), but fortunately, the card works to this day and nothing dangerous happened to it. Oh yes, an SD, SDHC or SDXC card is required, I had a micro-sd card, but with an adapter.

► Technical capabilities

➢ ➢ ➢ Display

The camera has a touchscreen display. You can poke with your finger if you want, but I preferred to use a stylus.

It is on the screen that all the device settings are present, starting from the time zone, ending with the shooting mode. It is worth noting that the layout of the settings is quite convenient. At least in the process of using it, I didn't have much difficulty with it.

If desired, you can apply protection to photos so that they are not deleted randomly. I didn't use this function much, but I still had practice.

➢ ➢ ➢ Modes

There are about 20 modes in the camera. Since I was small and stupid and not well versed in technology, I photographed almost 60-70% on automatic mode. I won't say, of course, that the results are deplorable or gorgeous, but they are still there.

➢ ➢ ➢ Shooting quality and examples

For 5 years, the camera has pleased me with its quality. In the first photos, the picture comes out quite saturated and colorful. Of course, one cannot ignore the importance of good lighting, which affects almost half of the final result.

The first test of the similarity of the panorama was the water park in Varna, Bulgaria. Then I had to walk around the territory and occupy high-rise buildings to take more or less decent photos for memory. I visited this water park in 2012 and a few years later I treat photos with great warmth. Yes, I noticed a lot of irregularities over time, but it was a good starting point.

At the same time, I tried to photograph the similarity of horizons. It turned out, of course, kosovato and crooked, but the skills of a redneck Photoshop designer smoothed out my jambs. Since the shooting time was not chosen very correctly, the quality of the photo suffered.

In the following years, I continued to collect a collection of sunsets from different shores and they came out much more decently. In the end, I have a good collection of quite beautiful pictures. Yes, it was not without processing, but the original image was still made on an ordinary soap dish.

As I mentioned above, the camera went with me on almost all trips. In 5 years, he got to as many as 2 countries: Bulgaria and Ukraine (before Crimea was annexed to Russia), and was also in the Krasnodar Territory. Of course, his travel time beat him significantly (the humid climate of the Black Sea), but he withstood all the tests with dignity and brought a bunch of amazing shots. Of course, I can't fit everything that was there (otherwise there will be a solid ribbon of photos), and photos with people are not particularly appropriate in this place.

Of course, I also took pictures outside of trips, but only on special occasions (various holidays and events). Subject photography was rarely present, but it was still there.

It is noteworthy that I used this camera to take photos for my first reviews on the site. Yes, they don't shine with quality (since they were filmed in the evening, the devil knows what I thought), but this is also an experience to one degree or another.

➢ ➢ ➢ Working capacity

At some points, the camera sinned in that it could take a long time to process a particular photo after shooting for several seconds.

The battery charge was enough for a day of active filming. If you use it inactive, then once a week or two you need to connect to the mains / computer. It is charged within 3-4 hours from the first and up to 6-8 from the second.

It works well in the light, but requires a flash in the dark. The quality of the shooting is not to say that it is random, but not quite constant. It is necessary to adjust and adjust the modes.

► Accessories

My parents and I took care of the availability of a camera case at the stage of buying a camera. I can't say now what the model of the case is, but the company can still be identified.

► Deterioration of quality

Over time, as befits any worn-out technique, the quality of the photos began to fade. When viewing the photo, you could already notice the graininess in the images. As such, the graininess effect is good, of course, but its abundance only told me that it was time to look for a new assistant to create photos.

► Output

The Nikon Coolpix S6150 camera has been with me for 5 years of my life. During this time, he visited several places around the world and captured a large number of views, including those that did not come out the best in quality. Of course, I can return to some places over time, but they may change, and I will only have files on my computer or photos in an album about the glorious days to remember them. A few years later, I find some good photos that for some reason I hadn't noticed before. For example, the same collection with horizons has grown significantly and looks atmospheric

I won't say that this particular model is ideal for beginners, but I can say with confidence that if you want to start taking pictures, then an inexpensive soap dish will be enough for you for the first time. For example, my desire to create a photo was formed over the course of five years (I started and abandoned, and then started again). It was after so many years (in 2017) that I allowed myself to buy a Canon 1200D SLR camera, which not only does not gather dust on the shelf, but helps to realize ideas that I could not approach earlier due to lack of experience. If I had bought a DSLR earlier, I can assume that I would have been tired of dusting it off.