Canon Powershot SD1100 IS - review

Canon Powershot SD1100 IS - review
Canon Powershot SD1100 IS - review

The Canon Powershot SD1100 IS camera has been my faithful friend for more than 10 years.

This is my second digital, and he is already 10 years old, but he still does not age and is always in the ranks. Of course, who is professionally engaged in photography, this friend will seem ridiculous fun, but for me, as a simple man in the street, this is the best friend if we are talking about the need to capture the moment for a long memory.

When we bought it, we were not guided by anything, there was no special knowledge in technology and we trusted the consultant. And I'm still satisfied with everything in it.

The digital was packed in a box with a huge number of instructions in various languages and in Russian, including the necessary devices - a charger, a cord for a hand, wires for a TV and for a computer. Much has already been lost due to uselessness.

The camera is small and concise, convenient for a woman's hand and easy to handle, the case is durable, table-mounted, the flash is excellent and what pleases me, the photos are bright and clear, and only this camera does not whiten my skin. I always get on it with a pleasant-looking skin tone.

There are three modes of operation - this is a photo, video and viewing the result.

The battery and memory card are located at the bottom, the camera has no internal memory, but it doesn't matter to me. There is an on/off button on the top and a photo button.

The charger has an indicator, the color changes from red to green when the battery is charged. I needed an adapter for the plug, it came in the kit, but eventually broke down and I easily bought another one for a little money. I am very happy with this digital camera. for all these years, he has served me faithfully, although he has fallen more than once, there are scratches in places, but the quality of the photos was not affected by the fall.