Canon IXUS 132 - review

Canon IXUS 132 - review
Canon IXUS 132 - review

Canon IXUS 132 is a compact and high-quality camera.

I wanted a digital camera for a very long time, but I always postponed the purchase, there was always a phone with a camera at hand, so I didn't really need it. In 2015, I received this handsome man as a gift, not a mirror of course, but what I wanted is convenient, compact and takes pretty good pictures, at least the difference with a regular smartphone camera is significant.

Of the advantages, I note the following: price, build quality, stylish design, convenient menu and buttons, simple and intuitive interface.

I don't think it's serious to look for minuses for such a cost, and I didn't find them for myself. I immediately set automatic settings and take pictures of everything I see fit. The camera easily fits even in a small handbag, this is also a big plus! I was satisfied with this model, unless of course you professionally decided to do photography, then this model will not work.

Canon IXUS 132 (Black)
Canon Digital Cameras Article Number: 15791 The Canon IXUS 132 compact camera, running the Android operating system, allows you to take high-resolution pictures, record videos and take high-quality photos.
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Canon IXUS 200 HS Camera
Article 1000812.

Canon IXUS 132 HS is a compact but functional device that is not inferior to more expensive templates in its capabilities. It is perfect for shooting everyday events, as well as family trips and long bike rides. Excellent quality of sensations. 13-megapixel... Canon Digital IXUS 120 HS Digital Camera The CANON Digital IXUS 130 HS compact camera is a compact camera with excellent image quality and control approximation.