Manual and review Fujifilm FinePix S2900/S2950

Manual and review Fujifilm FinePix S2900/S2950
Manual and review Fujifilm FinePix S2900/S2950

My husband and I recently purchased this camera. Its price is 5900 rubles. Before that we had Kodak and Nikon Coolpix S2500 cameras. This camera is great! If you want to get high quality photos, this is exactly what you need. It responds quickly after each shot and doesn't freeze up. The photos are sharp and blur-free.

Advantages of the Fujifilm FinePix S2900/S2950:


large zoom (18);excellent shooting quality;

large selection of shooting modes (including manual and automatic);

hidden flash;

excellent video recording with sound;

there is a viewfinder that removes the redness of the eyes;

operates on four rechargeable batteries;

digital zoom 6.7;

maximum flash distance of 8 meters;

megapixel 14; weight 341 grams (without batteries);

interface audio, video, USB 2.0, JPEG;

panoramic shooting;

there is an adjustment of the volume of sounds when using the camera controls.

In my opinion, the only drawback is that the camera is uncomfortable to hold in your hands when shooting because of its size (compared to previous cameras). However, I believe that it is as good as a DSLR camera. My previous cameras can't even come close to comparing to this one. Fujifilm is the best choice. I recommend it to everyone!


This camera has become my favorite friend. It is almost two years old now, and it has never let me down. I started out with photos in automatic mode, and the quality of the pictures is good, although not as good as DSLRs. But for its price, this camera is great. It is perfect for beginner photographers, especially considering its budget price. The camera is very easy to work with thanks to the user-friendly menus, settings, and photo viewing. It's a great compact camera that is pleasant to hold in your hand: light, comfortable and at the same time a precious “stone” in your hands. My husband gave me this “gem” for New Year because I have long dreamed of a good camera for beautiful photos of our baby. With his help we captured pleasant and bright moments of the first two years of our son's life, and he is still always with me. I am happy with its compactness, I can easily put it in my bag and go to make my masterpieces. I am currently waiting for a DSLR camera as a gift (my first and long awaited one), but I will not give up this camera. It will always be with me, because it will be my mini DSLR, because no DSLR camera is lightweight, and even with a couple of lenses. All in all, I recommend this camera. And if my review didn't impress you, it's worth looking at the photos. I hope you like it. And yet now I have a DSLR camera. You can read my review of it here


The camera was purchased about a year ago. My daughter had wanted it for a long time, and we decided to give it to her as a birthday present. She was very happy and grateful to us. Before the purchase, she spent a few days on the Internet, studying different models of cameras. My daughter wanted the camera to be big and functional, not just a toy for girls. So we immediately bought a memory card, four batteries with charger and a stylish RIVA case. Now our daughter takes the camera with her to all her events and we have a large collection of photos at home. The camera takes high quality and clear pictures. My daughter likes to adjust the settings manually and get creative with her photography. This camera has an 18x optical zoom, a 14 megapixel sensor, a maximum resolution of 4288x3216, a three-inch screen, and a macro mode. It has a lot of features and can record video clips. I will try to upload photos taken with this camera. They are without Photoshop processing, although our daughter has already mastered this art well! This camera is suitable for ordinary users and is an excellent choice. We bought it for 6000 rubles in the store “Svyaznoy”, and taking into account the memory card, case and batteries, the total cost amounted to 8000 rubles. The first four photos were taken with this camera, and the rest are just photos of the camera in different angles taken with a cell phone camera. Download the user manual.


Fujifilm FinePix S2900/S2950 is a standard digital camera. After much deliberation, I decided to buy a camera and chose the FUJIFILM FinePix s2950. However, my expectations were not met. Here are some pros and cons that I noticed: 18x zoom, although in practice this zoom is rarely useful, and photos made with maximum zoom are unlikely to be of high quality; battery operation - for me this is a serious disadvantage. A lot of different modes for beginners pleased, and the intuitive interface is definitely a plus. Overall, it's not a bad camera for its price. It looks solid, but behind this reliable body hides not the most high-quality stuffing. I believe that it is better to choose a more expensive model, but with better characteristics. Download the manual for free.


I decided to buy this camera because of its affordable price. Of course, I wanted a DSLR, but first I decided to practice on semi-professional compact cameras like the Fujifilm FinePix s2960, which is identical to the s2950. The device is heavy, the photos turn out really professional, but only with flash! Without the flash they turn out cloudy and blurry, no matter how many settings I use, I can't get anywhere without the flash. The photos are attached. Canon is different from Fuji and a little inferior to it, because Fuji's photos are clear, without noise, as if taken with a DSLR, and the color reproduction is realistic. But Canon is not bad either, better than other compact cameras, but in this aspect it is inferior to the Fujifilm FinePix s2960. If you are limited in money and can not afford a good DSLR camera, I recommend you to pay attention to this camera! But only if you know how to handle the settings and your hands are not from a soft place. Instructions to download and save on your computer.


Greetings everyone! Today I want to tell you about the digital camera Fujifilm Finepix S2900/S2950. I bought it on December 15, 2015 for 5000 rubles. This purchase was prompted by the fact that my previous camera Fujifilm FinePix AV200 (about which I will definitely write later) ceased to satisfy me with the quality of shooting, and I wanted to try something more serious. I'll tell you right away that the quality of photos on this camera is comparable to DSLRs, and it has a lot of shooting modes, including manual. The kit comes with a cable to connect to a computer, a disk with drivers, a lens cap and various documents. Photos turn out amazing, there is an electronic viewfinder and many other features, comfortable in the hand, the colors are transmitted perfectly. To learn how to work with this camera, you need to know about shutter speed, aperture, exposure and so on. If you master this camera, there are no flaws left in it. It's a great option to gain experience and upgrade to a DSLR. Good luck to everyone and enjoy your purchases! Download the instruction manual.


I think the FUJIFILM FinePix s2950 camera is worth considering buying. It has good value for money, good optical performance and versatility. However, it is worth considering that the optics at long zoom can distort the image and the sensor is noisy. Download the user manual.

DOWNLOAD size 3.5 Mb Fujifilm FinePix S2900/S2950 manual