Manual and review Fujifilm FinePix HS25EXR

Manual and review Fujifilm FinePix HS25EXR
Manual and review Fujifilm FinePix HS25EXR

Great camera for the price! Great pseudo-mirror camera with easy controls and great pictures. I've been looking at this model for a long time and finally decided to buy it. I bought it at DNC store for 8490 rubles, it came with 4 AA batteries, a strap, a lens cap, USB and audio/video cables, and a manual.

The camera is not a DSLR, it is a pseudo-mirror with excellent build quality. The body is plastic, rubberized on the sides, with many controls. Externally, it is not inferior to DSLRs, and the quality of pictures is just great for a soapbox with claims to be a DSLR. The camera has a large display with a rotating screen and a viewfinder of average quality. The zoom is excellent, it is convenient to control it manually. I don't use video shooting, I bought the camera only for photography, but I tried shooting video clips. Video quality is good, but inferior to DSLRs. The camera is comfortable in the hand, weighs 730 grams with batteries. For such a price it is an excellent purchase for beginning photographers. There are a lot of manual settings, you can experiment and fantasize. I'm not very familiar with the settings yet, I take photos mostly automatically, but I'm still learning and learning. If you are thinking about buying this Fujifilm model, I recommend you do so. It's a decent camera, looks solid, there are a lot of settings, and the pictures are pleasing to the eye unlike the usual soapboxes. Here are some photos taken with this camera. Download the operating instructions.

After the breakdown of the ultrazoom on Canon PowerShot SX10 IS I was looking for a worthy replacement and stopped my choice on FUJIFILM FinePix HS25 EXR and FinePix HS30 EXR. I preferred the first option due to the possibility of using rechargeable batteries. The camera turned out to be a great assistant, for three years of use I took almost 8 thousand pictures. Download the user manual.

Specifications of the camera:

Type: digital;

Lens: focal length 24-720 mm, optical Zoom 30x, aperture F2.8-F5.6;

Matrix: total number of pixels 16 million, the number of effective pixels 16 million, size 1/2", cropped factor 5.41, maximum resolution 4608 x 3456; Features: white balance, flash, image stabilizer;

Shooting modes: macro, continuous shooting, timer;

Frame format: 4:3, 3:2, 16:9;Viewfinder and LCD screen: electronic viewfinder, 460000-dot, 3-inch tilting LCD screen;

Exposure: shutter speed 30-1/4000 s, manual adjustment of shutter speed and aperture, exposure compensation +/- 2 EV in 1/3-stop increments;

Focus: contrast type autofocus, autofocus illumination, manual focus;

Memory and interfaces: memory card type SD, built-in memory 25 MB, image formats JPEG, interfaces USB 2.0, video, HDMI, audio;

Power: AA-compatible battery format, number of batteries 4, battery capacity 400 photos;

Video and sound recording: video recording is, video recording format MOV, video codecs MPEG4, the maximum resolution of clips 1920x1080, the maximum frame rate of the video clip 320 fps, the maximum frame rate when shooting HD-video 25/30 fps at resolutions 1280x720 and 1920x1080, sound recording is.

Operating Instructions download online download online.

There are minuses, but they are minor and annoying. The viewfinder leaves a lot to be desired. Fujifilm has models with better viewfinders, but they come with built-in batteries. You have to make compromises. Too many functions and settings. Too many buttons. To change settings, you have to turn the wheel, select a menu item and switch there. It is impossible to memorize the location of all elements. You have to select the main functions or carry the manual with you. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with my choice.

The camera has pluses: manual zoom, which should not break; 30x optical zoom; quality color reproduction; good image stabilization (though in Canon it was better); rotatable display; convenient and lightweight camera; high quality at a low price. With this camera you can make very high quality and artistic pictures. The main thing is to understand the settings. Only after a year and a half I started to learn the buttons. I used to shoot in automatic mode. It turned out to be difficult. The manual is in English, and there are few reviews of Fujifilm cameras on the internet. I had to learn by trial and error. The camera has an auxiliary function. There is a small green light on the panel. If the light is steady, it means you have set the settings correctly. If the light is blinking, the photo may not be technically good.

DOWNLOAD size 2.5 Mb Fujifilm FinePix HS25EXR/HS28EXR manual