Manual and review Fujifilm Instax 210 Black

Manual and review Fujifilm Instax 210 Black
Manual and review Fujifilm Instax 210 Black

Wonderful camera from Fujifilm, similar to the Rolaid I have long dreamed of this amazing camera with instant photo printing. So when we were preparing for our wedding, it was decided to purchase it for fun during the boat ride and to create a scrapbook of wishes from guests. We were all thrilled with it!

However, there are some drawbacks worth mentioning:

First, the rather large size of the camera immediately draws attention, but there is no point in choosing a smaller model - the photos will turn out so small that it will be difficult to see anything.

Secondly, only black color is available, which looks rough and not festive.

Thirdly, it is quite expensive - about 5 thousand rubles, and the cost of each photo is about 50 rubles. I used two cartridges of 10 pictures, it was enough for 30 guests, as we did family photos on one shot and there were still a few photos left.

I also want to note that the quality of the photos will be low. The overcast St. Petersburg weather was dominated by pale gray tones in the photos. This did not reduce the pleasure of the shooting process and nostalgia for the good old Polaroid from my childhood! In conclusion, for a holiday this camera is great fun, but after the wedding I never used it. Each photo is too expensive!

A new camera with large frames for instant photos from Japanese manufacturer Fujifilm. The large 8×10 cm photo size exactly matches the frame size of the classic Polaroid 600 series cameras, which is one of the largest instant photo formats available today. Instructions are available to download for free.

The Fujifilm Instax 210 is powered by the four AA batteries included in the kit. Although the camera is not as compact as the younger Fujifilm Mini 8 model, it is comfortable to hold in your hand.

The total photo area is 108×86 mm and the image size itself is 99×62 mm. The ISO value is 800.The camera is equipped with a 95mm dual element lens with a focal length of 95mm. The soft focus results in warm images with a traditional retro style. Read the manual.

It also comes with a macro lens for shooting subjects from less than one meter away. The camera is capable of taking 100 shots on a single charge.

Includes Instax 210 camera, manual in Russian, 12 months warranty, macro lens, strap, four AA batteries and packaging. Download the instruction manual.


Greetings to all photography enthusiasts!

I want to share my passion for photography. Today, many people use Instagram to publish beautiful images and share them on social networks. But what to do if you want to capture the moment and immediately post it in an album?

That's why I found a solution - a Polaroid from Fujifilm's Instax range. I have the 210 model, and it's a real find! Detailed instructions and specifications can be found in online stores. I want to tell you about my impressions and reasons for choosing this model.

The design of Polaroid is cute and laconic, even a bit toy-like. I added the stickers myself. The device is quite large and heavy. There is a strap, but it is uncomfortable to wear it on the neck for a long time - my neck gets tired. It may seem a disadvantage, but the large format of photos compensates for this disadvantage. It was because of the format that I chose this model, and not mini (there, in my opinion, too small photos, as in a purse).

Polaroid has all the necessary settings. And I must say that I am very happy with the purchase. It is easy to use, works from batteries, you only need to buy cartridges. Quick, convenient, high quality.

I already have a whole collection of photos, and now the main problem is to find a suitable album or make it myself. I hope my review will be useful for you. Thank you for viewing!


Stop and savor the moment! Dedicated to lovers of retro favors! A great gift and a successful purchase! Let's study the technical specifications + PHOTO!

Hi everyone!!! Admit it, do you have a lot of photos taken on your phone or professional camera, but there's no way you can print them out? If so, you'll know what I mean!

For my husband's last birthday, I got him a Canon professional camera. Now we have lots of beautiful photos of great quality. But more and more often I thought about the unique experience of printing photos instantly.

The fact that such little things allow you to capture important moments without being able to edit them or apply lots of filters made me ecstatic! I still remember the Polaroid that made me excited as a child, and how important and precious those photos are to me!

So, I couldn't resist the temptation and chose the Fujifilm 210 camera. This company has a great choice of models, but I decided on the main parameter - the size of photos. The size of photos: 62x99 mm, which is twice as big as other Fujifilm cameras.For a better representation of the size, take any discount or credit card. The Instax Mini series has the exact same size final photos, while the 210 is twice as large.

Significant features include autofocus, built-in flash, self-timer, and a frame rate indicator.

Included with the purchase is a set of 4 AA batteries. Unfortunately, you have to buy the cartridges separately. I took a pack of 20 cartridges at a cost of 990 rubles. First impression: a bulky camera, but if you want to get more or less large pictures, you'll have to put up with it. Despite its large size, the camera is surprisingly light.

The Fuji Instax 210 combines Polaroid aesthetics with a high-quality lens to deliver a wide-format shooting experience. It's ideal for creating photo reports from holidays and parties, making gatherings with friends more fun and memorable. The Fujifilm Instax 210 has already established itself as a reliable tool for modeling photo shoots.

Thanks to the included macro lens, you'll be able to take pictures at close range. The size of the resulting images is 99 x 62mm and the size of the framed photo card is 108 x 86mm.

Simple flash, brightness and focus settings will please those who appreciate versatility and ease of use.

The camera is powered by four standard AA finger batteries, one set of which lasts for 100 photos, or 10 cartridges. Read the instruction manual for more information.


This camera is ideal for parties and family celebrations, especially if everything is decorated in a retro style. For such events, you can have a special album where you can paste the developed photos and guests can leave their wishes right away!

The possibilities for creativity are endless! Regardless of how many times we use this little thing, everyone is mesmerized not by the process of shooting, but by waiting for the photos to be developed. At that moment, everyone becomes a child waiting for a miracle.

It takes no more than a minute from the moment you take the picture to the full manifestation of the image. What else I like about using the instant print camera is that it's very easy to use and doesn't require any additional knowledge or skills from the user. Everything is very simple - point the camera, press the button, get the picture. Refilling the cassettes is also very easy.

The optimum temperature for developing photos is 20 degrees. At lower temperatures, the development time may increase.

Conclusion: what can I say? This baby has won me over. In this time of high and advanced technology, sometimes it's so nice to enjoy something simple, yet terribly cute! I truly believe that this beautiful item can be a great gift. You will give not just a gadget, but emotions, joy and warm memories!

The only disadvantage that I found in this device - of course, the quality of photos is not comparable to professional cameras. But I repeat, the impossibility to change anything in this photo makes it really unique!

Thank you for your attention! Be able to catch happy moments!


Fujifilm Instax 210 is an analog of the popular Polaroid model, which allows adults to plunge into the world of childhood and joy. An ideal gift for friends and family. Convenient operation and ease of use make this camera indispensable.

I have been using Instax 210 for over a year. Five years ago we rented several cameras for a wedding to entertain the guests. The excitement was universal! After renting, we decided to purchase a FujiFilm Instax 210 for ourselves and friends. Our friends are still grateful for such a wonderful gift, and we take photos together at every get-together.

The camera is compact in size, yet lightweight enough. It comes with 4 finger batteries, a strap for wearing on the shoulder or neck and a macro lens that allows you to shoot objects at a distance of 40-45 cm or take selfies. Cartridges are purchased separately. The cartridge is installed through the back cover, and on the side of the screen, the camera shows the number of remaining frames. For example, I have one photo left. With a new cartridge, 10 frames will be available. To take a picture, you have to press the shutter button and the protective film will appear first and then the photos will appear. Be sure to read the instruction manual.

DOWNLOAD size 1.9 Mb Fujifilm Instax 210 Black manual