FUJIFILM Mini Hello Kitty manual and review

FUJIFILM Mini Hello Kitty manual and review
FUJIFILM Mini Hello Kitty manual and review

I don't miss my old Polaroid cameras because the Instax Mini Hello Kitty makes taking instant photos even faster. It's also more expensive and smaller than the Instax Mini Hello Kitty.The Fujifilm Instax Mini Hello Kitty is the modern equivalent of the Polaroid. It is affordable and easy to use. Many people consider it a perfect gift for kids, but as a grown up girl, I use it for my photography.

There are two color options: with a pink stripe on the body and a pink bow (like mine) and a yellow stripe with a red bow. The camera comes with a strap, stickers, a 10 photo cartridge with beautiful frames, a macro lens, and batteries. I recommend only buying the Instax Mini Hello Kitty in person to ensure its quality. If you order it online, be prepared for possible problems with shipping and product quality.

The first thing that surprised me after unpacking it was the size. Many people think the Instax Hello Kitty is a toy for kids, but it's the size of my six-year-old daughter's head. It turned out to be shockingly large and attractive. But it's easy to hold, you just want to grab the fluffy cat ears. It's very easy to use.

Even a child can take a picture with the new FujiFilm camera. Just press the convex button, wait for the lens to open and set the flash. First, insert two finger batteries into the special compartment. Then insert the cartridge. You may not aim the first time. The first shot will be a test shot. You will not get a picture. The flash will go off and the black cover of the cartridge will appear. With the next shot, the real photos will start. On the back of the case there is a transparent window where you can see how many frames are left. I recommend keeping an eye on this. Precious frames run out very quickly. And everyone wants to take a picture and manifest their photography.

Appearance. This camera is designed in the form of the famous kitty with a bow. On the front there is a special mirror for selfies. Now I don't have to guess whether my prominent nose or cat's heel will get in the frame.

Flash. Adjustment is very simple. There are intuitive pictures here. True, the power of the flash is always such that it just stuns both the person being shot and the photo itself. When I took a picture of my daughter outdoors with the flash set to "sunny weather", it seemed to me that squirrels sprinkled from the trees. See how wide she opened her eyes? That's so she doesn't blink and turn out to be asleep in the next photo.


Fujifilm Instax Mini Hello Kitty is a unique instant print camera with a design reminiscent of the famous Japanese kitten Hello Kitty, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. This camera is based on Instax Mini 8 and differs from it only in appearance. The camera comes with 10 sheets of special Instax Mini paper with Hello Kitty style frame, a set of stickers and a colorful shoulder strap.

Features Fujifilm Instax Mini Hello Kitty:

Lens: 60mm / F 12.7 (35mm equivalent);Self-timer: none;

photo size: 62 x 46 mm;

shutter speed: 1/60 s;

exposure metering: automatic;

autofocus: none;

manual focus: no (focus is fixed at a distance of 0.6 to 3 meters);

built-in flash: available, non-switchable, recharge time from 0.2 to 6 seconds, effective range from 0.6 to 2.7 m;

external flash: none;

viewfinder: real-image viewfinder, 0.37x;

diopter correction: not available;

power: 2 AA batteries (according to the manufacturer, about 100 shots);

weight: 395 g (without batteries, film, macro lens and strap);

dimensions: 169 x 145 x 69 mm;

announcement date: 2015;

package: shoulder strap, Hello Kitty framed paper set (10 sheets), 2 AA batteries, Hello Kitty sticker set; warranty: 1 year.


The Fujifilm Instax Mini Hello Kitty automatically sets the optimal brightness level and displays it with a special indicator. The Hi-Key function allows you to adjust this setting yourself by turning the dial on the front of the camera. Thanks to the flash, you can take high-quality photos in different lighting conditions. A special lens is designed for shooting close-up objects at a distance of up to 50 centimeters. For selfies, there is a small mirror built into the lens. If the model is turned on but not used for five minutes, the power saving mode is activated. The location of the shutter button makes it easy to press the key in any position of the device. The Fujifilm Instax Mini Hello Kitty comes with a shoulder strap for comfortable carrying.


I prefer bright and original things, and this applies to everything around me. That's why I bought this Hello Kitty style camera. I already have a good digital camera, but I bought this one for fun. Love happened at first sight. The last time I took live photos was when I got my graduation album. It turned out to be a great pleasure not to post photos on Instagram for the sake of likes, but to keep them as a memory. I'm gradually getting photos of friends and family in my album, and it's great. By the way, the camera doesn't require any special skills, just point it and press the button.

Even after the cartridge runs out, the fun doesn't stop. My daughter decorates the photos with stickers and collects them in a homemade album.

What I like best: the fun design; the element of surprise. Did I mess up the picture again or am I lucky? ease of use. The child can take pictures on their own; quality. Despite the cute and frivolous look, this is not a toy, but a high quality product from Fujifilm. The Fujifilm Hello Kitty instant print camera is a great gift for those who are dreamy and romantic. Or for those who remember the good old days with Polaroid and miss them.


We bought a Fujifilm Instax Mini Hello Kitty camera for our high school daughter as a birthday present. She was thrilled when she saw it. Our daughter loves everything kitty related and now she has her own camera. Now we are teaching her the basics of frame selection and how to use such a technique. The result, as they say, is visible. And no wonder, because it is very easy to operate the camera, even changing the film is easy. Thus, our daughter is busy, and we are happy that she has found a new hobby.

The first cartridge and ten photos turned out poorly. At home, the photos were too dark, and outdoors they were over-lit. However, outside we managed to take one photo that could have graced a retro album of my childhood. Despite this, we had a lot of fun with the process. The photos turned out in a retro style. I'm not talking about some exquisite stuff, but the backlit, closed eyes and ridiculous facial expressions like in the photos from my old albums. Back then, everyone shot at home with flash and didn't care much about quality. The transparent plastic body of the camera quickly gets covered with fingerprints. It's white and porous, so scratches are immediately noticeable. So I ordered a case for it on AliExpress, in which it will look like a lollipop. We decorated the photo album with colored glass, appliques, glitter and aqua makeup. We made a bag to carry the camera. I rarely carry a bag with me, and I don't want to get my camera on everything. In the case I feel much safer to put it in my backpack. And it just looks really nice in the case. A million cartridges for new photos. Instax mini Hello Kitty is not suitable for professional photographers. But instant print cameras are always something of an attraction. First you pick the perfect spot or compose a composition, aim and voila. You can jump with the camera, shake it and blow on top of it, watching the contours of the future photo gradually appear on it. The photo takes five minutes to manifest. During this time, it gains brightness and becomes more juicy. Or does not become, if the flash went off too much and killed all the colors. By the way, it can't work without flash, but you can cover the flash with a leaf.

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