Canon EOS R10 - review

Canon EOS R10 - review
Canon EOS R10 - review

The Canon EOS R10 is an elegant mirrorless camera with a hybrid character, it's portability without sacrificing features.

Advantages of the Canon EOS R10

1) small size is not only great for everyday use (hiking, holidays.... ) but also fits the hands of the fairer sex, does not spoil the harmony of appearance

2) possibilities of flexible adjustment of functionality "for yourself" will allow pleasing any housewife with any IQ (probably requires the intervention of a man)

3) Ergonomics is better than in older models, it seems you can even change the functions on the buttons

4) The functionality is close to the professional models, but the life of the shutter of course not as they have, 200,000 shots, as a good amateur and I'm not going to prove here that the quality of pictures is not worse than equivalent modern devices

Disadvantages of Canon EOS R10

1) I would like to have a bigger battery and uninterrupted power supply

2) the charger does not support third-party batteries, and native batteries are very expensive

3) there is no user manual on paper

4) no seals from the manufacturer, that when you buy it gives you the opportunity to give you as a new, not a new product in the showcase, after repair, used in good condition

5) at the moment, not a lot of choice lenses on the budget at the appropriate price

6) The USB Type C connector is weak for such equipment and will not last the whole life of the camera if you use it, and the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connection requires the installation of software that does not work on a computer for example on Windows 7 old operating systems

7) is not clear why in the box is the cable to the charger without a jack for this cable in the charger, it remains a mystery to me

Review summary

1) Buying a camera is not buying a shovel in the market with an unknown brand of steel, but equipment with the manufacturer's stated characteristics. So you can not attribute any lack of them, such as for example image stabilization in this model, it is provided electronically.

2) The manufacturer of such equipment defines its price according to its service life and the price of the model is accordingly. Only you can determine to what extent the camera is suitable for you personally, according to your own needs, namely, its functionality and primary objectives.

The Canon EOS R10 is the first SLR camera without a built-in optical viewfinder. Instead, it has a touch screen that is larger than the iPhone X display. This is not only convenient, but also allows you to shoot handheld, which is useful in low light conditions. Shooting video. The Canon EOS R system supports 4K video recording at 30 frames per second. The camera automatically compresses files to reduce frame size while maintaining detail and image quality.