Canon PowerShot A1200 - review

Canon PowerShot A1200 - review
Canon PowerShot A1200 - review

The Canon PowerShot A1200 is a good value for money. I bought this camera half a year ago. I am quite satisfied with it, and it doesn't let me down.

I bought it to take pictures of jewelry for sale, and it is great in that role. I have tried to use it for still photography in the darkroom, but it does not work out well with video, just a blurry photo. So if you need an inexpensive, high-quality camera for macro photography or shooting in a well-lit room or on a walk through the sights and museums this is what you need. It takes a long time to take photos but it catches the frame well even if your hands are trembling slightly. The quality of the photos themselves is also good, again with good lighting.


For me, the Canon PowerShot A1200 is a great inexpensive digital camera! I love taking pictures of nature, animals and children. But I had no such opportunity to buy a camera, was the phone, and it took pictures, in daylight, the phone made great photos. And then for my birthday my husband gave me this digital camera. I have had it for three years now. It takes great pictures for its price and parameters. For me it is really a good and necessary gift. To make any quality photos is no longer a problem - there is a Canon. Not everyone has the money for professional digital cameras.


Canon PowerShot A1200 is a medium-quality point-and-shoot camera. We bought this camera as our old favorite Sony is under repair, so we have chosen this inexpensive one as a replacement. Anyway, we did not want to miss some beautiful moments of a short summer. The quality of photos is acceptable, especially good photos in daylight and on the street. But photos in poorly lit rooms, in the evening with the light is not very good. Photos get blurry. Has 7 shooting modes, I usually take pictures on Auto, has 4x zoom, 12.1 megapixels. I recommend this camera for walks, for more serious purposes need something more serious. Powered by regular AA finger type batteries.


You can't just call it a point-and-shoot. It's a little helper. Let me tell you right away that you cannot, of course, compare Canon PowerShot A1200 to expensive professional, SLR, etc. cameras. The price segment is not without its problems. But it is worth 150% of its price. I have a model in black, as shown in the picture on the website, and the body is matte. It is even nice to hold in your hand, it feels like velvety. Moreover, does not leave any fingerprints. I bought it as a gift for my daughter, but she, like most teenagers, prefers not to carry a camera, and takes pictures with the phone. But I am attached to it with all my heart, that is, with my whole hand.

I like almost everything about it:
- easy switching of modes (there are 6 of them + video);
- the ability to view photos without turning on the camera;
- user-friendly interface;
- easy to set the delayed release (if I want to take a picture with my little kid together - it is very necessary);
- automatic shooting of the camera when smiling;
- auto face detection, tracking the subject (very important if you take pictures of small children who are constantly on the move)
- The off button is conveniently located, i.e. will not be accidentally pressed;
- the ability to view photos in slideshow mode;
- The ability to edit video by trimming right on the camera!!!
- there is a cord to connect to a TV or computer;
- support for high-capacity memory cards;
- you can take pictures in auto mode, and you can choose a mode for sunny, cloudy, snowy day, for pictures with bright colors, at night, etc;
- availability of various photo effects;

Disadvantage: in 1.5 years of use, I noticed only one: the screen has no battery indicator, it appears only when the battery is low, although after his appearance, you can continue to shoot for quite a long time.


The Canon PowerShot A1200 is an average camera, but it can do something. Hello, This not expensive camera has its pros and cons, it is clear that for such money is nothing special and clever, but for everyday photos will do. Canon PowerShot A1200 is not made for dim, dark lighting, not suitable for macro photography. Good shots are taken only in bright light (the ISO in the camera is almost non-functional). But most of all I was surprised by the fact that the quality of the pictures is not constant, it's different every day: sometimes it's just a joy to the eye, and sometimes it takes pictures like Nokia with its 2.0 Mpx camera. I will give you examples of photos, and whether to buy or not, you decide for yourself.


That's this camera I take pictures for this site Well, it came to the camera, it is not expensive and serves me for about 4 years. Bought it without batteries, their later doskolyvali. By the way, we bought special batteries with the charger, the charge keeps the battery not much, just 2 hours. In the future I plan to buy a better camera, but for now I'm content with what I have. I don't know if I would recommend this camera or not, I just need to learn how to take pictures with it. The pictures are great only in sunny weather, by the way this picture in motion with sharpness is not bad, but until you adjust. If you take pictures of people or animals close up, you get crap. To get a normal photo, you have to zoom all the way in. All photos of varying quality and if you get used to, you can get a good photo, but I'll tell you a secret, out of 10 frames I have a maximum of only 3 good. But for the first time you can get by with this camera.


It's good, but it's weird. Overall, the Canon PowerShot A1200 is a good digital camera - compact, lightweight and comfortable. With the right choice of photo mode, depending on the distance of the subject and lighting, the pictures are quite sharp and of high quality. If you have had at least some experience with digital cameras before using the Canon PowerShot A1200, with its basic functions will be able to understand without instruction. The icons on the control buttons are quite eloquent "tell" about their purpose. The camera has a color display where you can see the subject you're shooting and other information - such as target recognition and automatic focusing on it. But the PowerShot A1200 can take pretty good pictures without it. For example, if the batteries run out, you can turn off the display and take pictures like you would with an old-fashioned camera. In this case the pictures are not worse, but it is a bit more difficult to aim through the small "peephole". Speaking of batteries. Canon PowerShot A1200 has one strange feature - it does not work with all batteries. For example, it can last long enough on "Cosmos" batteries, and will refuse to take even a couple of photos on "Panasonic" batteries. To work properly, it needs either very expensive "Duracell" AA batteries or rechargeable batteries that can be recharged at any time. Right now I have "Camelion" Ni-Cd 600 mAh 1.2V batteries and the camera keeps enough time on one charge. So, if you have the above mentioned problem with batteries, I recommend to use them or batteries with similar characteristics. Otherwise, the Canon PowerShot A1200 is a good camera and I personally have no complaints about it.


Review of the Canon PowerShot A1200 - all the pros and cons + lots of photo examples


- Inexpensive (bought for 2700 somewhere... in December 2011)
- Small (can always carry it with confidence in the bag)
- lies comfortably in the hand (well, in a small woman's hand Smile)
- nice (especially the black version)
- love the color reproduction (plus you can adjust it)
- great photos in the daytime in bright light (although, cell phones too in such conditions make great pictures Wink)


- It took a very long time for it to "unphotograph". That is, the first 500-600 pictures were taken with terrible noise, about the way a 1.3 megapixel phone does. I know it happens, however, some of my friends who bought Canon, gave them back because of "unsatisfactory shooting quality". For the future: you don't have to do this at all, just give it time
- "retarded" flash. After some time, began to think for a long time before taking a photo. When you press the shutter button when you need the flash, it takes five seconds before it focuses and takes a photo. I can't explain this oddity as it happens every once in a while under the same shooting conditions in the same mode.
- The battery charge indicator. To be honest, it's a nightmare. It takes time to get used to it. It's just not there. I.e. the charged battery is not displayed in any way, and after some time the low battery indicator starts blinking, and there is no telling when you will need to recharge. It seems to me that even with it blinking, you manage to take more photos than without it. So I can't always calculate how long the batteries will last, and I either have to carry a spare set with me all the time, or when I think "ok, it'll be flashing for a long time" it suddenly shuts off at the most inopportune moment. It would be better to have indicators in percents, or percentages, or something else, but it would work! Though, again, that's a problem with all Canon models.
- It takes a long time to focus in macro mode on the desired subject. Sometimes it picks up the wrong thing, even if it seems to be in the background.
- I wouldn't recommend it for shooting fast moving objects... especially fast moving objects in low light.

This is my second point and shooter, I used Panasonic Lumix for about six years, and have had "experience" with Nikon and Sony SLRs. In general, to carry every day, take pictures of flowers and landscapes from the window at home? For the macro mode, despite the fact that the focus is not very convenient - a definite plus. I love it despite all the minuses, and as an everyday soapbox that will always be on hand - I recommend it.