User Manual for the THOMSON VPH 6990 video recorder

User Manual for the THOMSON VPH 6990 video recorder
User Manual for the THOMSON VPH 6990 video recorder

User Manual for the THOMSON VPH 6990 video recorder

Warranty obligations. The warranty document contains the type and number of your VCR. Keep the warranty document for the entire warranty period, that is, 1 year. It will be needed when you make claims about the performance of free warranty repairs. But this repair should only be carried out by qualified specialists, please make sure of this when handing over the VCR for repair. You should not open the lid yourself (disassemble the VCR) and try to repair it, this automatically deprives you of warranty service and may cause other damage or even fire to the device.

Instructions for security measures. Make sure that the voltage in your power supply fully corresponds to the one indicated on the label (see the cover) of your VCR.

Put the VCR in a horizontal position, make sure that the heating devices are at a sufficiently distant distance from the VCR. The required ventilation must be provided around the VCR, if it is in a niche, make sure that the distance from the body of the device to the walls will be sufficient for air circulation.

If your VCR or its cassettes have been in a cold place for a long time, before turning on the VCR or inserting a cold cassette into it, you should warm them up, just leave the device and cassettes alone at room temperature for 2 hours.

When the VCR is working, do not block the ventilation holes on the case, and during rain, if there is a thunderstorm, it is better to disconnect it from the electrical power supply and disconnect the outdoor antenna. Do not use the VCR for industrial purposes, it is made only for household use.

Instructions for cleaning the THOMSON VPH 6990 video recorder. For cleaning, use only a soft cloth soaked in soap solution. No other cleaning agents are allowed during cleaning, because they can damage the coating of the case and parts of the VCR. If small objects or liquid get inside the VCR, immediately disconnect it from the electrical supply and contact the nearest workshop for repair and maintenance of household appliances in your region.

Universal remote control of a multi-system TV and video recorder and a THOMSON digital video disc player.

Instructions for setting the timer. After you have programmed one or more timer entries, you can view the settings of the programmed entries. Select the Timer review line from the RECORD TIMER menu. At the same time, you can change or cancel the programmed recording. To do this, select the programmed recording using the button and follow the instructions that are played at the bottom of the screen if you want to make any changes to the programmed recording.

If you have programmed two recordings and the execution time of one recording overlaps the execution time of the other recording, the VCR will indicate the presence of this problem in the TIMER REVIEW menu. If this happens, change the programmed entries so that they don't run at the same time.

The TIMER REVIEW menu is reproduced on two pages. To access another page, select Next page, and then confirm the selection with the OK button.

Recording programming instructions. You can program the recording using ShowView codes, which are given in magazines with television programs, or use a manual programming procedure if you do not find the program code. Open the SHOWVIEW menu and enter the program code. Confirm the call by clicking OK. The RECORD TIMER menu appears. When programming some channels for recording for the first time, the VCR itself is installed on the Program line and reminds you that you need to enter the channel number. The Stop time line is selected. You can use several options or variants to perform recording programming. If you want to check the programs programmed for recording, click OK.

When playing tapes recorded on other VCRs, there may be interference in the form of horizontal lines flickering at the bottom or top of the screen. To eliminate these interferences, select the Tracking line and adjust the tracking using the buttons. Go back to the standard installation using the 0000 button or select the Tracking mode line, and then use the buttons to select the auto option.

In Japan and the USA, the NTSC 3.58 color television standard is used. If you have friends in these countries, then you can exchange tapes with them. To play the NTSC tape on a PAL 60 Hz TV, you do not need to select the NTSC-TV function in the menu. The NTSC PAL indicator appears on the display. The SLP indicator, which is played on the VCR display, indicates that the tape is recorded in super-long-playing mode.

They are used to make the control of the VCR more convenient, automate some functions, record according to the program or change settings. Open the NAVILIGHT menu by pressing the menu button, and use the button to select the Preferences line (User Settings). Confirm the selection by clicking OK.

Beep sound. The installation described below allows you to accompany each button press with an audible signal (“beep”) (on the remote control or on the VCR itself). Select this XXX cell in the menu using the OK button to activate this function.

The action is in playback mode. Download the tape cassette and press the PLAY button. Open the NAVILIGHT menu by pressing the menu button and use the button to select the Hi-Fi controls line. Confirm the selection by clicking OK. The menu shown below appears. Select audio tracks using the button. If the tape was recorded using the Dolby Surround or Dolby Pro Logic Surround spatial sound system, then connecting a special audio-video amplifier will allow you to reproduce these STEREO stereo sound effects on a Hi-Fi track.

To cancel the blocking of the control buttons on the VCR, press the STANDBY button on the remote control. You can perform continuous playback or tape recording. When the tape reaches the end, it automatically rewinds back to the beginning, and playback or recording starts again. This function, used in conjunction with the long-playing mode (LP), provides 8 hours of continuous recording or playback on the E240 tape.

Some programs are routed by certain channels using a VPS system, which is a video recorder programming system or a PDC system. The signals transmitted by these systems turn the recording on and off in the right place, even if there is a delay in the start of the television program. Your VCR can recognize these signals. If the program you are watching is transmitted using a VPS or PDC system, then the VPS or PDC indicator is played on the VCR display. In this case, you can use the functions listed below.

To avoid unnecessary difficulties associated with the need to explain to the VCR where the ShowView code is located and where the program number is located, the VCR automatically remembers where to look for programs that you have programmed to record using the ShowView system. This means that when you select a timer recording program using the ShowView system for the first time, the corresponding screen appears. Just enter the program number from your cable/satellite receiver. After that, the VCR will remember the location of this program. The next time you use the ShowView number associated with recording programming, the VCR will know where to look for the right program. Thus, the VCR will create a library of channel locations.

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