Instructions on how to live happily

Instructions on how to live happily - 10 effective rules
Instructions on how to live happily - 10 effective rules

Instructions on how to live happily - 10 effective rules

Everything happens in life, the main thing is not to lose heart, and then all good things will happen. Well, if you don't know what to be happy about, read this article. My motto of life is "Everything that is not done is done for the better." Well, if you do not believe in such a motto and consider your life boring and not interesting, then here are tips for you on how to love your life again :

1. Don't jump to conclusions

We are always trying to predict what will happen in the next moment. We turn off attention and act on the basis of our assumptions. But the paradox is that most often all our assumptions are wrong! Which means we are doing the wrong thing.

2. Stop being dramatic

We inflate our small failures to gigantic proportions: we are afraid, nervous and worried about trifles. As a rule, all this is not worth a damn.

3. Don't make rules

Who said that we all have to live by the rules we invented? Forget the words "I have to", "I have to", "I have to". The rules only create unnecessary problems for you and give you a ridiculous sense of guilt. If you force others to live by your rules, it leads to unnecessary conflicts.

4. Forget about stereotypes

Do not limit your life by enclosing yourself in the framework of unnecessary stereotypes. Free your mind and look at the world with "childish" eyes. Try to perceive everything new without evaluating it from the point of view of past experience and knowledge.

5. Don't dream of perfection

It is not worth striving for the absolute all your life. Don't idealize yourself and your life: there are no perfect people and perfect relationships.

6. Don't generalize

Your failures in life do not mean that life is over. And your luck doesn't make you a winner for life.

7. Don't take everything too personally

Any problems are not worth our nerves. By and large, all these are little things that are forgotten very quickly. Quarrels, scandals and troubles should not undermine your health and deprive you of spiritual harmony.

8. Emotions and feelings can deceive

Fatigue, irritation and illness can really spoil your emotional state. Before you believe your feelings, try to turn on your mind and think about what happened.

9. Don't be sad!

Reasons for sadness can always be found. If you only think about bad things, they will definitely happen. Ruthlessly erase any negativity from your life and look for positive moments in everything.

10. Forget the past

Any negative experience should be left in the past. Resentments, disappointments and misfortunes should be forgotten. The more you think about the bad things, the worse you will feel. Try to forget everything and move on.