Instructions on how to choose a Dell laptop

Instructions on how to choose a Dell laptop
Instructions on how to choose a Dell laptop

Instructions on how to choose a Dell laptop

Today, everyone who has ever chosen a PC or laptop is familiar with Dell products. Thanks to Michael Dell's unique vision of the very essence of doing business, the company produces all kinds of variations of computers, both desktop and portable. The main difference between Dell devices compared to competitors is the higher reliability of both components and the final assembly, including laptops. The latter, which is important, have extremely tenacious batteries that provide high autonomy for a long time.

Dell laptops for work and study

One of the best in its class, Dell Inspiron series laptops are the perfect tool for home use and for office tasks. And its variable set of components can provide a favorable price or provide excellent performance for working devices.

The only drawback is not high enough, by modern standards, power for video games. However, Dell Inspiron laptops will easily pull them out with average quality settings. In addition, no matter how you look at it, these are not gaming laptops — they are primarily designed to perform everyday tasks, and everything is more than normal with this.

Dell laptops for heavy tasks and games — XPS and Alienware
Dell XPS laptops are the flagships of the middle class among modern laptops. Ultra-thin and ultralight, they today have the maximum possible compactness thanks to a frameless display, while not sacrificing performance. Working with sound and graphics, creating and rendering 3D models and drawings in AutoCAD, editing and processing videos - there are no tasks that would be beyond the power of XPS laptops.

And if you need a gaming device, there's nothing better than the Dell Alienware line. They are equipped with the latest processors and discrete RTX series graphics cards. And as a nice addition to the design, there are expansion slots for additional storage and RAM. Unfortunately, these Alienware devices suffer from a lack of portability, but it still doesn't make sense to work with their power without a network connection.

Why do laptop keyboards often wear out?
The laptop keyboard is more often subjected to physical stress than all other components. At least because they are constantly used. And in most cases, keyboards become inoperable only because of constant physical impact. During use, keys usually sink or, conversely, fall out. They are compact and silent, and also have a lower height and a smoother ride.

Despite all the positive qualities, the use of a membrane is also a disadvantage — silicone loses elasticity over time and may crack as a result. In addition, a rather sensitive return mechanism often becomes unusable. And, despite the seriousness of such problems, they are solved quite easily — by simply replacing the keyboard module.

Where can I buy keyboards for Dell laptops and other brands?

To find a suitable keyboard, just look in the catalog of any online store and enter the laptop model in the search bar. For example, the Parts Plus store has keyboards for most laptop models.

The factory marking of any laptop is indicated on the sticker located on the bottom cover. You can find it, respectively, in the item “Model". In general, using the name of the device model, you can find out all the information about the laptop and the components installed in it. And in this way, you can find keyboards for Dell laptops or other companies, as well as other spare parts.

How to properly take care of a laptop?

Laptops are much more sensitive to handling than their stationary counterparts. Accordingly, certain conditions must be met when using these devices. A laptop that is constantly in use requires relatively low humidity, a comfortable temperature and, ideally, a cooling stand. Proper and timely care of the laptop will help to avoid many problems or at least delay their occurrence.

The laptop care itself also requires a special approach. They are not too picky, but in any case, before cleaning, you need to turn off the device and disconnect from the network. This is necessary in order to avoid accidental clicks, broken pixels on the screen or violation of the integrity of the matrix. In this case, you can use a soft cloth and non-aggressive cleaning agents or special wipes for wet cleaning.

In this case, you can use cleaning products, but do not overdo it. And never use alcohol, solvents or abrasive materials. You can even use a can of compressed air to clean the keyboard, which will remove all dust and dirt from hard-to-reach places. For wiping, you can use all the same tools that were mentioned earlier.